Diabetic Diet Plan And Food Guide
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Type 2 Diabetes Meal Planning

Proper meal planning for Type 2 diabetes can often circumvent the need for medication. The first step is to limit the amount of sugar rich foods you consume, but there are many other factors to consider as well. For Type 2 diabetes, the focus is mainly on weight control. 80-90% of Type 2 diabetes are overweight, and this contributes to many diabetes symptoms. Reducing carbohydrate intake along with calories, and replacing some of your carbs with healthy (monounsaturated) fats can keep your glucose levels on an even keel and help you drop those extra pounds.

The main goal behind meal planning for type 2 diabetes is to prevent sugar level from spiking or dropping throughout the day. Eating frequent, small meals and watching your portion size will win the battle if you are consistent. Commit to keeping a journal for two weeks, and test your sugar levels rigorously in the morning and 2 hours after each main meal. Log the results as well as the time and contents of each meal, and any exercise you do. This will help you see what areas need improvement.

Type 2 Diabetes Diet Characteristic

  • Controlling blood sugar level through proper meal planning

  • In case of obesity reduce weight to improved insulin sensitivity

  • Incorporate exercise to improving the body's use of insulin

  • Minimize the need for insulin and other diabetes medications

Sample Type 2 Diabetes Diet Meal And Menu

Sample Type 2 Diabetes Diet Menu for Breakfast
  • two slices of bread
  • one cup of skimmed milk
  • one boiled egg
  • one serving of your favorite fruit
Sample Type 2 Diabetes Diet Menu for Lunch
  • one bowl of pasta
  • two servings of your favorite vegetables
  • one serving of meat (chicken or turkey)
Afternoon Snack
  • a fruit
  • three saltines or crackers
  • half a cup of tea or coffee (with artificial sweetener)
Type 2 Diabetes Diet Sample Menu for Dinner
  • three servings of meat or fish
  • half of a baked potato
  • two helpings of vegetables
  • a fruit
Snacks After Dinner
  • a cup of milk
  • cheese or a few saltines

Type 2 diabetes is generally controllable although some patients may still need insulin or oral medications to help eliminate symptoms. As you learn to manage your condition, you will find it easier and easier to follow these guidelines, and your overall energy level and sense of well-being will improve!


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