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Diabetes Food Pyramid

The diabetic food guide pyramid is closely related to the FDAís standard food pyramid. This food guide is specially made to help people suffering from diabetes to maintain healthy, risk free diet. Diabetes, if not properly treated, may lead to other types of health and emotional problems such as Alzheimerís disease, hearing and eyesight loss, kidney failure, and depression. It is also proven that it may cause breast cancer, erectile dysfunction, and high blood pressure.

Because of the growing number of diseases related to diabetes, the value of the diabetic food guide pyramid also increased. So as to recognize the importance of this diet plan, the patient must understand how diabetes food pyramid works, as well as the beneficial effects that they can get from following it.

Understanding The Diabetic Food Pyramid

If you will take a close look at the diabetic food pyramid, you will notice that it is divided into several parts. The bottom part of the pyramid takes the larger area, which means, the foods included are the ones that are highly recommended for diabetic patients. Normally, the base area contains wheat bread, grains, and foods that are high in starch and fiber.

The middle section of the pyramid usually contains vegetables and fruits. Green leafy vegetables are highly preferred since they can be a good source of minerals and vitamins. Fruits, although most of them are sweet, contain good sugar and can help restrain the patientís cravings for sweets. Even though they are recommended, these foods fall under the mid part of the pyramid, which means, the patients are still advised not to indulge themselves too much to them.

The pyramid also encourages diabetic patients to guard their dairy foods intake. These are milk based foods such as cheese and yogurt. Low fat or non-fat milk can be used as substitute but should not be taken more than 3 glasses per day.

Lean meats may still be included in the patientís daily meals. But of course, it is extremely suggested to take only one small serving of meat per day. Tofu and seaweed are the best meat substitutes as they can provide enough protein to energize the body.

The topmost part of the pyramid contains sweet foods. But since they only occupy a small space in the pyramid, a small serving of these foods must only be consumed once or twice a week. Patients with chronic diabetes are required to consult their physicians first as to whether they can still eat sweets or will make their conditions even worse.

The Purpose Of Diabetic Food Pyramid

If the patientís body is resistant to insulin, the person is most likely not allowed to eat foods that contain high amount of sugar. The reason for this is that the insulin, secreted by the pancreas, is a hormone that is responsible in keeping the level of glucose low. If the patient cannot produce enough insulin to cover the amount of glucose taken, the level of sugar in his or her blood will go up, which can cause life threatening effects including heart problems.

The diabetic food pyramid aims to guide patients to focus on foods that could bring no harm to their current health status. Some of them are still allowed to take sweet foods from time to time, depending on the severity of their case.

Patients need to understand that the main purpose of this food pyramid is to help them avoid becoming more at risk for diabetes. As mentioned earlier, diabetes may lead to more serious health problems if not properly regarded.By using this exchange guide, you can tweak your diabetic diet meal plan to include your favorite foods and still stay within the parameters which are healthiest for you.


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