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Most women who are undergoing pregnancy are prone to gestational type of diabetes.  Due to their pregnancy their blood sugar level shoots up more than the normal levelsgestational diabetes diet and stevia.  It is a natural phenomenon that occurs because of pregnancy.  To address this problem strict diet is usually prescribed by doctors to limit sugar intake so that the mother will not suffer from sever diabetes.  Gestational diabetes is mostly mild and it naturally subsides after childbirth.  However, if there are no steps taken to reduce sugar intake the possibility of to have permanent type 2 diabetes is probable.

Diet is the key factor to prevent diabetes.  It is essential to consult a nutritionist in order to know how to plan your eating schedule.  Aside from low cholesterol diet the commonly restricted is the intake of sugar.  You can still take foods with sugar but it should be in a minimum.  Do not over indulge yourself.  Watch what you eat because it will affect both you and your baby.  Dedication and commitment is required for mothers in order to ensure success.  It entails a lot of sacrifices on the motherís part because for months until the baby is born they have to regulate their dietary intake.  They have to limit sugar and that would mean reducing the ingestion of sweets.

For pregnant women it is really difficult to strictly follow your diet plan for the week.  The temptation to indulge eat sweets is strong that you would sometimes try to make an exemption for most days.  In the end your seven day diet that you and your nutritionist planned will be useless.  When this happens it really becomes a problem because you have to start from day one all over again.  The cycle noncompliance will continue because sugar or sweeteners are just too hard to resist.

This should not be the case.  The best solution to the problem at hand is not to refrain from eating sweeteners.  Instead you should find alternatives that would enable you to enjoy and savor the sweetness of sugar.  How could this possible?  The answer is to eat natural sweeteners.  One of the best natural sweeteners is the Stevia.  It has no cholesterol and has practically no sugar.  The best thing about this sweetener is that it actually helps your body lower sugar levels.  It helps insulin to absorb sugar in your body.  You could say that it has an insulin like effect due to the necessary proteins it posses.  Stevia not only lowers sugar levels but also lowers your blood pressure.  The natural sweetener can do both, hitting two problems at the same time.  However, it is necessary to consult your physician first before using this natural sweetener.  Too much lowering of blood pressure could also be risky but if you have a high blood pressure Stevia is really a big help.

Stevia enables pregnant women to enjoy the taste of sugar.  Your pregnancy will be a bit easier if you a friend like Stevia at your bedside.  Your nine months of pregnancy would be more enjoyable when you embrace this natural sweetener and make it as a part of your daily diet.

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