List of Foods for Diabetic to Eat

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List of Foods for Diabetic to Eat

Diabetes Food Pyramid Suffering from diabetes does not rob the opportunity of eating delicious and nutritious foods. It’s not like finding yourself in the middle of a very bad nightmare where you hurriedly seek for the food that you want but they on the other hand are desperately running away from you. Truth is, you need not to suffer this horrendous dream in your real life since you could still eat foods that you are used of eating before as long as it falls under the list of foods safe for diabetic. Following is a list of foods for diabetic

Diabetic Food List

• Complex high fiber carbohydrate- Through careful research, it was found that taking food high in dietary fiber could help protect one’s body against the harms brought by diabetes. Fiber functions by slowing the absorption as well as digestion of carbohydrate which result to the boost the responsiveness of tissues on insulin medication therefore the level of blood sugar is normalized. Among foods which fall under this category are oats, legumes, lentils, cereals, dried beans, wholegrain products, peas, fruits and vegetables. Just go away with foods that are high of refined carbohydrates and fat.
• Low glycemic index- This is safe to be taken since does not create rapid peaks in terms of blood glucose levels.
• Omega 3- This is extremely important to prevent hardening of the arteries. A good example of foods rich in Omega 3 is cold water fishes which include mackerel, tuna, salmon, herring, etc.
• Alpha-lipoic acid- This function comparable to an antioxidant since it augments glucose uptake as well as repairs nerves that had been damaged because of the sickness.
• Artificial sweeteners- Since diabetic are expected to shun away from foods rich in sugar then the only option left is to consume artificial sweeteners like aspartame and saccharin. These will give the same rich taste but minus the guilty feeling.
• Protein- Tofu, cheese, eggs, and peanut butters can be used as meat substitutes. Only a total number of six ounces of protein which on the other hand is spread into two meals is the maximum requirement of protein in one day.
• Omega 6 fatty acid- Shields the body from the damage brought by diabetes neuropathy. Examples include: primrose oil, blackcurrant oil, and borage oil.
• Starch- Also incorporates starch in your daily meal. Notwithstanding the fact that white bread is detrimental for diabetic, you must still ensure that you get the daily requirement of starch in your diet which is found in pasta, vegetables, grains, breads and cereals.

Diabetes is just a matter of taking control over your illness. If your daily food intake is managed the right way, meaning you are merely consuming foods that are good for you then you can expect change in your body and condition. Sad to say, because of the abundance of food choices that people are provided these days, only a meager amount of 20 percent of the total vitamins and nutrients requirements are furnished into the body. This is also the same reason why more and more people are experiencing overweight crisis in their life.

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