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There is no known direct cure yet for diabetes. A person diagnosed with diabetes irregardless whether it is type I or Type II diabetes natural cure, has a very important task at hand in order to care for such sickness. His task is to constantly maintain his blood sugar levels to a normal range. There are three natural ways to maintain one’s blood sugar level and these are proper diet, exercise and stress management.

One factor that can directly induce blood sugar to rise is the food that we eat. Hence, people with diabetes must be conscious of what he is eating. Doctors recommend that diabetics should eat more those foods which are rich in soluble fibers and low in saturated fats and sugar. Eating fruits and vegetables is highly recommended. A diabetic must also eat in the proper time. This is important to make sure that his metabolism can properly process the foods that he has eaten. If under medication, the diabetic person must make sure that his stomach is not empty to prevent further injury to the body caused by the medicine.

Diabetes is a unique disease in a way because to lessen the effect of the disease, doctors do not recommend to the patients to stay in bed all the time. Instead, they are advised to get exercise. The reason? It is for the purpose of burning fat and balance the sugar which can increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. Exercise however, should be taken in moderation. Too much exercise can lead to stress and being under stress is not a good thing for a diabetic.

Stress can cause the body to release adrenaline consequently mobilizing the sugar in your body reserves. It can also lead you out of focus of the other important things, eating and exercising. If this happens, it is advised that you have to relax and put things into perspective and get into the proper routine again.

Unless a cure has is discovered, the life of a diabetic person is confined on these three routines. If a diabetic is not careful enough or negligent in these simple tasks then there is a high probability that he cannot live up to the full life. A diabetic person has to give something up in order to gain something. Giving up sugar is a small price to pay in exchange for one’s own life. A diabetic person needs the support and understanding of the family. If there is a diabetic person in the family, other family members should voluntarily present help because the fact of the matter is, diabetes is primarily hereditary.

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