Candida Albicans And Diabetes

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Candida albicans is a yeast infection that commonly haunts women. It is yeast which is a type of fungal infection. Candida is part of the body’s natural flora. However, an overgrowth or too much of it causes infection. It can manifest itself in the throat, skin, nail beds and vagina. The infection could be treated with antifungal medications. Individuals who are afflicted by this kind of infection should seek consult right away. Your physician would definitely know what to do. The doctor will prescribe you with medicine and will teach you proper ways to handle this kind of infection. Remember to always follows doctors orders if you do not want overgrowth of Candida to occur.

This kind of yeast infection is easily treatable. However, for those who are suffering from diabetes the chances for it to recur is definitely high. What the yeast infection does is lower your immune system. This will to more infections later on if not treated properly. When your natural immunity is low it will be a good sign for other bacteria and viruses to invade because the soldiers in your body are weakened. Candida is like a Trojan horse used by the Greeks. It hides itself first in your digestive system and is waiting for an opportunity to attack. One of the opportunities is when you have diabetes. When you have diabetes the flow of blood in your system slows down because it coagulates blood making it thick. It causes traffic in your veins and arteries. Due to traffic your antibodies could not respond to possible invaders right away. Giving Candida the opportunity to thrive and open the gates for other bacteria and viruses.

To stop Candida from growing rapidly one must first treat the issue of diabetes which is the cause of traffic. There is a need to restore the natural flow of blood in your veins and arteries. To do this one must do the diet and exercise necessary to restore good health. A low fat diet is definitely a good way to go. To make it even more effective one should do daily exercises to lose those fats that causes the traffic in your blood vessels. It is also necessary to take daily supplements that would help control diabetes. You need energy after all. One must also take supplements to help insulin absorb glucose to be used by your body.

Do not give Candida the opportunity to unleash more infections. You have to stop it before it is too late. Consult a physician so that he can give you proper medications and supplements. The doctors can also educate you the long term routine you must do in order to prevent situations like overgrowth of candida to occur.

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